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Gyaru Winter Stylez

June 9, 2010

I need some inspiration from out of Melbourne, we just get too structured and dark with our style. I love that we’re classy and sleek, but the girl in me wants bright colors and cute hoodies. Here’s some cold weather looks from the hot gyaru girls in Shibuya, Tokyo’s fiercest fashion district.

This is what ima be channeling for the next three months. Ok then, ciaoOoOoOo (*´▽`*)


Happy Valentines Day Mofos!

February 14, 2010

“She says that I’ve been waiting for you

And I know you’ve been chasing me too

Since they kidnapped me from a castle

I been thinking of you

I told her fire breathing dragon he bet not harm me

Or he be sorry when he meets my one man army

And thou has come to rescue me

My knight in shining armor yes you be

Woken up by the horn of an SUV

I said see, too beautiful to let you sleep!”

And if you don’t have a valentine, don’t fret, I don’t have one either so you can be mine. *^_^*

You Ain’t Never Seen A Fire Like The One Ima Cause!

December 28, 2009

“I know she was attractive, but I was here first

Been riding with you for six years

Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you?

I know you’re probably thinking

What’s up with B?

I been crying for too long, what did you do to me?

I used to be so strong..”

Wow, I’ve gotten some really lovely comments in the past few days. I’m going to reply to all of them, as is my usual protocol, but I’d like to say thanks to those individuals first up! A couple weeks ago I had a few hater replies that I moved straight to the trash and it really put me off the blog. I’m not usually that sensitive, especially with haters, but you know how these things are. If you’re not expecting it, you don’t react well.

On Christmas Eve I found out the guy I’ve been seeing for the last two months has been hitting up and seeing his ex girlfriend on the sly. I can’t even express to you the rage I’m feeling towards him at the moment. I don’t want to put up some crazy facebook status, but on the other hand I want him to know that I think he’s a dog and for everyone else to know too! I won’t because I keep my dating life away from there, but goddammit, I’m just that pissed I might do something irrational. Argh!

I’m pretty sure he knows that I know, and the chicken shit is laying low to avoid the wrath. I know that its all like, don’t worry he doesn’t deserve me if he’s a lowie like that, blah blah, but I’m seething. How many times does this situation have to occur to me? And what kills me is that there were so many signs I ignored naively, thinking he would never have some drowned rat waiting in the wings. The worst part is the feeling of inadequacy that comes along with it, something I’d already worked through before, I’d gotten past it. But now it’s here again in the back of my mind, gnawing away.

“I tried and I tried to forget this

I’m much too full of resentment

I’ll always remember feeling

Like I was no good

Like I couldn’t do it for you

Like your mistress could

And it’s all because you lied!”

There’s a part of me that wants to scream and rage and cause a massive scene, but the other part is saying ‘don’t stoop to that level, be above it, pretend you are unaffected..’ But then, it’s like he’s getting away with it. Except he won’t, because I know he’s going to come crawling back and that’s when I can be cold. This is really a kick in the teeth to my ego, you know? It’s all about the ego in the end. How dare HE do this to ME? Doesn’t he know who I AM?? I have to stop thinking in those terms, because it only breeds unhappiness. It’s as simple as: he fucked up, I go. That’s all it has to come down to.

It was only two months together, it’s not like we were meant to be. I can’t even hate him for it. I feel a bit possessive, thinking of her touching him or them laughing together, but I guess she had the prior claim being the ex, right? Fucking bitch.. Sigh, I’m sorry. But I can understand exactly why so many girls want to blast the chick even when they may not have known he was taken. It’s half jealousy, half intimidation. In the end though it was his choice, his betrayal. I know that. I’ll leave her out of this.

I should have known the moment he started getting possessive and suspicious of me. Cheaters always think their partner is as susceptible to that behaviour as they are. They accuse you first, they get jealous and delusional. Match that with the little hints his mates girlfriends were throwing at me and his sudden need to hide where he was or what he was doing and you pretty much have the conclusion staring you in the face. But I was too blind to see it.

“Tell me how should I feel

When I know what I know

And my female intuition tellin me you a dog

People told me bout the flames

I couldn’t see through the smoke

When I need answers – accusations!

What you mean you gon’ choke?

Oh you can’t stay you gotta go

Ain’t no other chick spendin your dough!

Ima put in a call, tell them ring the alarm

Coz you ain’t never seen a fire like the one ima cause!”

I’m cool, yo. Forget about it. Just another story for the archives ey? I’m going to be fine in like a week or something. For revenge I can go out on New Years and pick up whoever I want. It will be good rehab for the battered ego I’m nursing. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have even been that affected if I hadn’t found out and then immediately had to spend a major holiday with happy couples and families. That’s just asking for the sads. Karma, this shit is stacking up hard.. You owe me big time!

Ciao, my pretties. Happy New Years if I don’t post before then! 😀

B-Gyaru FTW

October 29, 2009

Kowata kotu aru~~~

I love me some hot B-Gyaru styles, so excuse me while I indulge my fashion side with some examples of what’s rockin in Shibuya right now. If we had chicks runnin the streets of Melb with this kind of gear, I’d be all over it with the photographic journalism, but unfortunately even the Gyaru-type girls here are pretty tame. B-Gyaru rock the urban street look, inspired by hip hop and r&b, they often wear their hair in braids or with bright coloured streaks. Hot pants, neon colours and black are big winners, with baseball caps, lots of bling and of course, hoodies.











That might be enough for now. As you can see they love sneakers and boots. I love those cute baby doll dresses paired with the boots in the last one, reminds me of Rihanna in Shut Up And Drive, when she wears that short black dress with the white stars on it. Everything she wears in that clip is hot. I think I might have to start getting into hats, I have none but they look so cool on them. I can’t wait till I can finally go to Tokyo and absorb this style in its natural habitat! Until next time..

Oyasuminasai, yoi yume o~~~

Show Me What You Got Shorty

October 13, 2009

“Why even fool with these other guys, they all stingy

All these dudes know how to say is gimme

Gimme some head, gimme some brain

Gimme your number, gimme your name

But if I get one night baby girl I swear

I’ll make you tell these other dudes gimme got ya here!”


My disclaimer is as following: I am disenchanted with the male population at the moment, as a long term single woman, I feel I am allowed a certain percentage of disillusionment with the opposite sex. Lets not get overly defensive, on the most part, I love you guys. I always give you a chance, perhaps naively, when I should be more closed to this kind of thing. Be lenient on my musings!

My question of the week is this: How long before a guy expects to sleep with a girl?

This is something I think obviously depends on the guy in question. You get an idiot guy, he wants it the night he meets you. A nice guy would wait longer before getting frustrated with you. A normal guy would expect it early, push for it if he doesn’t get it, and lash if someone else is giving it away for free. Oh my god, that sounded really bitter didn’t it? I’m sorry.

To be completely honest with you, it wouldn’t at all be out of line to call me a commitment-phobe. I mean, if you read the archives, there’s a lot of dating and a lot of me running away. Its hard enough to get me to settle down, let alone commit to them. And I won’t sleep with a guy unless I’m committed to him, which I think is fair. But my roadblock is always that he won’t commit to me unless he’s slept with me. So there’s a deadlock.

“Lemme get that huh, what you got up in them jeans?

Put it on me, or get lonely

Lemme get that huh, you know five car garages

Name on your bank account, all day massages

Lemme get that huh, I wanna put it on blast

Lemme get that, slow it down before I make you crash boy

Got what you want baby, got what you need

We can’t proceed less you got that for me..”


I’m pretty much my only single friend, all my kids are hooked up with someone and it’s like, once you’re out of the game too long, you have no idea. What is the waiting period? A week, a month, three months? Six? Sadly, my side of town is rather.. promiscuous. The people here don’t think twice about a one night stand, so the ones I could ask are going to have a very skewed opinion.

Lets not forget the times are changing. What was going down four years ago is not going down today. Sexual activity is on the increase, drastically. On any weekend you could decide to pick up someone simply for sex and that would not be unusual. Back in the day, it was less common. To me, its fucking wack. Along with this relaxation of attitudes I’m finding there is this notion of entitlement. A kiss is no longer just a kiss. It has to lead to something. Nothing annoys me more than when I’m with someone and we’re making out, and he tries something but I decline, and then he gets shitty because he thought it was going somewhere!

It happens so often that I’ve come to the conclusion that either I pick the worst guys to date or its just normal for there to be action within the first couple of weeks. Apparently, I’m the unusual one! Maybe I’m being unrealistic, expecting someone to wait when they could just go out tomorrow and get it without having to endure the whole dating thing. Has the sequence become sex, dating, baby, engagement? Am I completely out of the loop?

I know, I know, if he’s a good guy he won’t push me and he’ll be a complete gentleman and all of that. But its hard to believe in these magical elusive guys when I never run into any. And I have a large pool to select from, with uni, work, friends of friends, and guys I meet out and about. I’m starting to think someone’s been telling me fairy tales.

So has anyone noticed this change in the game plan? What are your experiences? How long do you wait?


“Truth or dare mami, listen and learn

I got a drop, I just took off the top

It’s your turn!

Show me what you got lil mama

Show me what you got pretty lady

Show me what you got shorty

Show me what you got baby

Hands up, now wave, wave, wave..”

Kanye West.. Great Troll Or Greatest Troll??

September 15, 2009

Say what you want about Kanye, he knows how to bring the lulz. Poor little Taylor Swift, her first VMA ruined.. But Beyonce was a doll and gave her the moment back, fairytale ending right? If anything, I think this was all a mad ploy by the VMAs for publicity.  Anyways, here come the lulz:


APTOPIX MTV Video Music Awards Show






That last one is my fav, I dunno why, just makes me lol every time I look at it. I’m going to see the Queen Beyonce herself rock it out tonight at Rod Laver and its fair to say I’m overly excitable, so I hope these were as enjoyable to you as they were for me.

What did you think of the whole debacle?


And The Winner Is.. Veronica!

August 21, 2009


After 70years of haberdashery Archie finally chooses Veronica! In my opinion, she was way better than Betty, who was nice and all of that, but where was the style? The sass? They’re both hot, I mean they practically have the same face with a different wig, but I’d choose a brunette any day.

There have been a lot of complaints, apparently Veronica is too “mean” for Archie, and Betty being the nice girl should win at the end of the day. Well that’s just not realistic, why go for boring but nice Betty when you can have exciting and unpredictable Veronica with Daddy’s trust fund? It would have just been too Hollywood for the good girl to win out.

Betty deserves him, she doesn’t throw money at her problems, she solves them herself. But life was never about getting what you deserve, it’s about clinging onto the best opportunities. I wonder what will happen to Betty now though? Will she find an equally awesome guy or will she die of loneliness? That will be the true testament to the storyline.

If you ask me, this is all just a headline grabbing ploy and Archie will change his mind and pick Betty. But to be honest, its been Veronica’s game all along, Betty was always taking seconds or trying to do all these schemes to win Archie, who was pretty much head over heels for V the entire time. The story isn’t just suddenly making the nice girl lose, the entire plot for fifty thousand years was nice girl loses to selfish, rich girl.

Betty never got to choose to move on, she always just kept pining. I feel sorry for her. Man, I suddenly feel like writing some kind of feminist angled rant about how unfair this is.. Oh! You guys almost got me! Close, but no. Great trolling though.

So who would you pick?

Hime Gyaru & Loli Stylez

July 31, 2009

I was told by a tarot reader that I could become a president one day. President of what I don’t know, but if that day ever comes I will equip myself for the role by dressing like royalty. Because nothing prepares you for running a government/organisation like wearing a tiara. Hime Gyaru is a Japanese trend designed almost exactly for this purpose (I assume). Hime meaning princess and Gyaru being their equivalent of ‘gal’. Behold the awesomeness:






As you can see, the Hime Gyaru are all about the bows, frills and giant hair. A lot of pink and white going on. Their tans are generally lighter than the ‘normal’ Gyaru and they are apparently quite self absorbed and arrogant, I don’t know anything about that though. They have very dramatic looks, but I’ll show you how it translates to the street from the runways and magazines:





Still fairly high maintenance (I’ve heard it takes some of them over 3hrs to get ready!) but more variety and inclusion of blues and greys, and some animal prints. One of them is wearing a denim jacket too, a questionable choice even in our world. Moving on, here are some of the cooler Lolitas who can be found strolling through the Harajuku district. On the interwebs we call them loli’s and they have many different sub categories (gothic, sweet, elegant etc).








That last one is my favourite. Can you see the subtle differences? I haven’t really included a Gothic Lolita in the true sense of the term, but a simple google search will bring up thousands of examples for you to peruse. Loli’s have more of a costumey, olden time and more child-like appearance. I always look at them and wonder what they would talk about.. Would they play a character or just chill, talking bout their weekends like the rest of us? Whatever the content, I’m positive they use those cutesy anime voices.


(I don’t know any gyaru goodbyes.)

You’re Holding Up Traffic, Green Means Go!

June 24, 2009

“I wish I had a dime for every

Time they warned me about you

I wish I could erase the very

Thought of what you put me through

And you try and make it all seem

Like I should lay down while you’re walkin on me..”

sad 2

I just remembered this and had to share it. I once dated a guy for a few weeks, he used to come chill at my place all the time, and he was one of those funny ‘charming’ guys who flirt with your mother and talk to your family like he’s known them for years. I used to find it amusing, especially when he finally met my dad, who saw right through the act and gave him the hard ass routine which was uncomfortable at the time but now makes me snicker. Anyway this guy was like ‘I want to be in with your mum’, within a few days of meeting her and all I could think was ‘Umm, but you’re not ‘in’ with me yet?’

So my mums friend is over and it turns out both he and my mums friends daughter are applying for a job with the same company, except he’s been through the whole process and she’s just beginning it. So for like three hours I sit there, bored out of my mind, while he walks the mum through the applications and what to do in the interviews, and they make plans to meet up again for him to help, whatever. I ONLY just remembered this, I block shit out you see, but sometimes it comes floating back.

He went over to her house and SLEPT WITH her daughter, and I never found out until later, but it was shortly after this application help thing. We kinda faded out at that stage anyway, but I didn’t know why at the time. I wasn’t that offended, I didn’t like him enough yet, but still.. What a fuckhead. And the daughter, I used to be friends with her when we were young, we still say hello on the street. It never even crossed my mind that she slept with a guy I was dating! I still see her till now and of course this is why she acts weird. I didn’t put two and two together.

“Ain’t no problem you can go

I will find somebody else

So why not move along?

You got the green light so you can go!

I gave all I could give

My love, my heart

Now we’re facing the end for what you did

From the start, my love..”


Another boyfriend went ‘missing’ for a month and then calls me back after like nothing had happened. I was like ‘Are you serious? I’m seeing someone else now.’ But I should have seen it coming, he was always very selfish. Once I went to his house, and this may sound stupid, but to me it defines his character. Anyway so he makes me a cup of tea and himself a coffee, and he’s in the kitchen so he comes back out to the lounge carrying a cup and I automatically reach for it. But he’s like ‘No, thats mine,’ takes a sip and puts it down in front of where he was sitting.

WHO DOES THAT? Brings out his own first! Common courtesy and proper manners is that you bring your guests cup to them, then you go get your own. Not only that, but it makes more sense, because your guest can sip from theirs while they are sitting waiting for you to get the other cup. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I make a lot of tea and coffee, and I love having guests over, and there will never be a day that I hand myself anything before I have made sure my guest has had theirs first. Especially on a date! Man, for the rest of the relationship I couldn’t stop thinking about it, that one silly gesture. I didn’t let it sour anything, coz I knew he really liked me, but it just irked me that it happened.

Another boyfriend, before we first got together, told me he liked me and then told me he was confused because he thought he sort of liked his ex as well. I was fuming, partially because he divulged this right after he’d confirmed that I liked him too, and partially because I hate when girls compete for men and he was trying to make me do it! I can’t stand it, every time I find out there is another chick in the picture, I bail. So I told him that I was taking it back, I didn’t like him, he could go be with that girl and we would be friends, nothing more.

“So what I’m trying to say

I know whats happening

Your body’s here with me

But your heart and your mind is still with her

Go back to what you know

Go back to where you know your heart is boy

Just be honest, this is impossible

This is impossible! We’ll never work coz you don’t want it

You belong with her so go back to what you know..”


Well, I never saw someone change his mind so fast. He called me back and apologised, but by then I was too cut. I wasn’t going to get with a guy who five minutes ago wasn’t even sure if he liked me more than his ex! (Please excuse the politics, I was a teenager so you could imagine the dramas involved) We sorted it out eventually, he called her and told her whatever and it was going good for a while. Then I lost my phone for about 5 days. He doesn’t call the house phone and he went to a dif school so I couldn’t contact him. I get my phone back or buy a new one or something, and call him and he tells me he’s back with his ex-gf! Blah. I think that was my first heartbreak.. I was about 16.

I have a million stories like this, I think I may be extra awesome at finding assholes to date.. What a talent. At least I can laugh at them now. Anyone else have any bad dating stories they’d like to share?

Dreaming Away..

March 11, 2009


I fell asleep beneath the flowers

For a couple of hours

What a beautiful day..


I dream of you amid the flowers

For a couple of hours

Such a beautiful day..”


There is not one day that goes by, that I don’t sit and stare blankly, day dreaming some crazy fantasy that will most likely never come true. Maybe I have a childish or naive mind, maybe I’m too airy and lack discipline, but imagining worlds that are far better than the one I reside in helps me get through the day. Especially with the monotonous shit I do at work.

It usually begins with what I decide to wear. I’m always dressing in characters or themes, although very subtly. The elements I put into the outfit only hint at the persona I’m actually going for, in my head its far more extravagant and over the top. For example, some days I will wear a lot of bright colors with chunky gold and the extension of that in my head is a very street, ghetto New York look, straight out of the hood. In my head I’m wearing a bandanna and sneakers, but in reality that ain’t my style. So if I’m doing that character my speech is all of a sudden peppered with phrases like “we chillin” or “yo, b, wat up?”. The saddest thing is I’m not even lying.

One recurring theme is anytime I wear boots, I start imagining that they are elven or superhero style and picture myself an acrobatic heroine, who could do backflips and leap off buildings if she chose to. While walking around my office I’ll pretend I have some sort of elf-like grace and natural stealth, when in reality I am a clumsy and awkward fool. The other day a cute guy checked me out in the kitchen and I spilt tea all over myself instantly, so you can see how this graceful thing would appeal.

“One summer night

We ran away for a while

Laughing, we hurried beneath the sky

To an obscure place to hide

Where no one could find..

And we drifted to another state of mind

And imagined I was yours and you were mine

As we lay upon the grass there in the dark

Underneath the stars..”


Another one I think of is while I’m on the train, I imagine suddenly it comes to a stop and we look outside and see the country has been invaded. And that the train is being looted by some rogue soldiers, who are killing people at random. Suddenly, the hot guy across from me who I’ve been sneaking glances at grabs my hand and we run to the emergency exit. We jump off the train and decide we better go country, I suggest my bush holiday house, he agrees. From there we make elaborate plans to win back the world, but mostly just fall in love. That one actually has a few variations, like zombies have taken over, or we’re not on a train we’re in a shopping centre. They mostly revolve around some crazy world crisis, where somehow only I have the power to save the day and by the luck of the gods, get a super attractive guy to hang out with while doing it.

Usually if I’m walking somewhere, or doing anything with my ipod on, I’m imagining the songs to be the soundtrack to the movie I’m currently in, which is basically about the story of my life and is ongoing and endless. Except its a little bit Truman-esque in that I don’t yet know it will be a movie, just that my life is *so interesting* that they’ve been filming me forever and its keeping the nation riveted. So naturally, when I’m pissed off the angry music comes on and I stomp through the train station with a fierce scowl. Or something nice has happened, so I put on a cute song and look out a window with a thoughtful and dreamy expression. Shit like that. I never get tired of it.

“Happiness like this it never lasts

Turns into the memories of the past

Here today and gone just as fast

And I can’t feel the ground

Someone let me down

I said I’ve never been so high

As I am now..”


Oh, and I re-do conversations constantly. After the actual one is over, all the calls I should have made come floating into my brain and I start kicking myself, wishing I was more quick witted. Like once this girl came over to my desk and had a sook that I didn’t put something in a work document, and being passive and neutral Luli I just said “Sure, whatever.” Then later I was like, ‘Who the fuck does that bitch think she is, getting all up in my face like that? I should knock her block off!’ Gradually it got more and more heated in my mind, and the conversation evolved from what actually happened to some kind of crazy girl fight slap-down. Naturally I’m the winner because that girl isn’t tough enough and doesn’t have my Westside edge, but you knew that already. Anyway it took a lot of soothing thoughts and DeMello-style ‘letting go’ before I could forget that daydream. Still to now, everytime I walk past her, the face jabs come creeping back into my thoughts.

And my favourite one, that sends me off to sleep when I’m feeling like an insomniac, is my dream life played out before me. The life where I didn’t make any mistakes, and I never got with my ex, and I was never best friends with that bitch, and I never fucked up my VCE.. The one where I got straight into my course without doing TAFE first, where I actually gave my number to that newspaper editor when he asked for it instead of telling him I was too young to apply. Where I’m already overseas, in the trenches, with my trusty cameraman and guide. Man that life is so awesome.

What do you daydream about?


“And I see

Heaven when he looks at me

In his smile is the most amazing dream

And in his eyes I fall asleep

And I hope

Hope that he can see through the smoke

Of my imperfections into my soul

And my heart where he has control..”